New OPERATING HOURS:  MON, TUES, THURS, FRI.  9:30 to 2:30  . SAT by Appointment only.  This allows us to make local door step deliveries.  You can always leave a message on our answerphone. 

KSP Mobility, Fengate Drove, Brandon. IP27 0PW.  01842 811321



  • Scooters

    Discover our range of Mobility Scooters.   

    From 4mph pavement to 8mph road use, bootable or otherwise. 

    Dont forget to look at our range of scooter accessories! 

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  • Living Aids

    Aids are designed to make your life easier
    and most importantly safer.

    From non-spill cups, to grab rails, and pill poppers
    to easy grip utensils. 

    Increase your independance and quality of life with
    our products on this site.

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  • Walking Aids

    A large variety of Walking Aids are available from KSP Mobility, from everyday walking sticks to specialised walking frames and rollators, making your life easier.

  • Cosyfeet

    Cosyfeet specialise in creating shoes, slippers and socks to fit swollen feet. The footwear isn’t just extra-wide, it’s extra deep too, making it roomy, and extra wide, to help those with problem toes, bunions, bandaging and orthotics. 

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